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Kids FAQ

“For the Family that Plays Together” Brenna B Photography is located in the Fayette County area (a suburb of Atlanta). And yep, I am available to travel. 

“What do you do?”  My motto is, “It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like. It’s another thing to make a picture of who they are.” (Paul Caponigro). I was named by a national magazine as one of the best Children’s Photographers in the state of Georgia but what matters to you, is can I get amazing photos of your little darling and make it a great experience! So I’ll skip the boring and get to the good stuff:

  • So here’s what I do: Instead of just photographing your child’s face, I’m going to photograph their personality. I mix the beautiful, stunning look of Fine Art Portraiture, with the fun, playful aspects of Lifestyle Photography.
  • “JUST PLAY!” Here’s the thing: Your memories aren’t going to be full of who you could dress your child up to be. Your memories are going to be full of who your child really is. So why don’t your photos reflect that? Capture, in an heirloom photograph, a moment that represents exactly who your child really is. Photograph the real them – not the Olan Mills version.
  • “This is all great, because I sure don’t want some dated, lifeless, portrait, but how much do you cost?” Sessions are at the location of your choice, come with unlimited outfit changes, your entire family included, last an hour and a half, with digital images included, and start at $450. When we chat, I’ll explain it all.
  • Kids occasionally turn into gremlins. Usually, I can work it out. But, if we have exhausted our means of getting your child’s cooperation, we’ll try again a different day. You do not pay extra for a re-shoot.
  • PS  I offer referral credits, for people you send my way. A gift card to a restaurant? A wall print of your child? Money off a Session? You choose; it’s basically getting free stuff just for talking.

Reshooting if we can do something differently to get a child’s cooperation, means you can breathe easier. So click “Book It” below, and I’ll give you a call! We’ll create an awesome experience of laughter and fun that’ll result in photographs you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

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